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Running the Swiss City Marathon for CMT

A dad runs the Lucern Marathon to raise funds for research

Alla Maratona di Lucerna per la CMT

A precious help

There is no cure for our disease

Michele, father of a little girl with CMT, will run together with a group of friends the Lucerne marathon, which will be held on October 29th 2023, for patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, who can not do it.

Thanks to Michele’s contribution and of those who want to support him and help us, ACMT-Rete will fund a Research project to improve in the short/medium term the quality of life of people living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a rare condition with no cure

Maia's Story

I’m Maia, a curious girl full of interests but, due to a severe and early onset of CMT1B, unfortunately I have never been able to walk and every day I have to find out new “strategies” to bypass the inexorable progression of the disease.
To support the research on the CMT, my dad will join the Lucerne marathon, his first marathon at 46 years old and with a few pounds too… 😊
My family will donate 1€ for each Km of training (estimated around 800 Km) and 5€ for each Km of Marathon.
Thanks to those who will help us to support the research, we will show together that the CMT is rare but the desire to fight it is for everyone!

What is CMT?

A neglected and not well-known condition

CMT, acronym for Charcot-Marie-Tooth, is a rare disease with no cure that mainly affects hands and feet, making simple gestures such as walking or running, but also holding a pen or buttoning shirt cuffs difficult and sometimes impossible. Patients can be “treated” with rehabilitation and surgery to contain the progression of the disease.

With the call for research projects “A Tangible help for CMT”, which the ACMT-Rete association will activate in 2024, a research project will be financed that has a significant impact on CMT patients’ quality of life

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